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haha 2 years ago
Paul 2 years ago
Been there done that my wife and I swapped with a black couple she works with the wife. Dam black chick sucked my guts out tried to fuck me to death. While sucking me I hear wife saying WTF too deep 30 minutes later he'd busted a nut in her pussy. My dick soft from a sucked nut then the girls got into 69 eating each other.
2 years ago
Who is the blonde
Jimmy 2 years ago
Any one knows the black girls name please?
reid055 2 years ago
My favourite part of this video is where the other woman asked him if he had just cum inside the blonde
Jimmy 2 years ago
Anyone know the black girls names ??
2 years ago
This is what Dr king would have wanted
Shy0wife0wants0gf 1 year ago
I gotta do this with my husband... Asap.. I'm too stingy to let him fuck a woman and I don't get any new cock. This is perfect for us.
Fuck melania and trump 2 years ago
I wouldve came in that slut to
Her name 2 years ago
The blondes name is MZ Dani